5-day Trip to the Naadam Testival

Day 1
1) Direct flight to Ulan Bator from your home country. 2) Bus to Enjoy Inn tour camp resort.
This camp is highly equipped and managed by a Hong Kong company providing quality services. Enjoy Inn is located near river Tuul in the midst of beautiful nature.
2) Dinner at Enjoy Inn resort. Spend the night in a Mongolian yurt.

Day 2
Discover Mongolia on a horse! Ride to the great Genghis Khan monument.
1) After breakfast we will practice riding a horse and take some photos too.
2) After lunch we will mount on horses like Mongolian cowboys and visit the the great Genghis Khan monument.
3) Traditional whole-sheep feast prepared by the chef of Enjoy Inn.

Day 3
Naadam, the traditional Mongolian sports festival
Thousands of Mongolian horse riders, wrestlers and archerers participate in this festival every year. Many local snacks available for visitors. 1) Opening ceremony of Naadam at the stadium of Ulan Bator.

Day 4
1) The famous Naadam horse competition: Hundreds of horses ridden by young boys compete on the steppes. One of the main sports events of the year.
2) Enjoy Inn prepares a feast dinner which we will enjoy listening to a live concert of Mongolian long-songs accompanied by a morin khuur.

Day 5
Time to return home!

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