8-day Trip to Centeral Mongolia

We will arrange your flight from your home country to Ulan Bator
1) Start from the highest point of Ulan Bator with a full view over the city, at a historical monument of cooperation between the Soviet Union and Mongolia.
2) Dinner in Center Tower Restaurant nearby Sukhbaatar Square, the political and economic center of Ulan Bator which combines modern shopping malls with old soviet time buildings.
3) In the evening, enjoy a beer in a bar and the night lights of UB. Stay the night in a downtown hotel.

Day 2
Visit the Gandan monastery and go to the Enjoy Inn resort
1) Breakfast and visit to the Gandan monastery.
The monastery has more than 10 buildings and accommodates 150 monks. The main building has a 26.5 meters high statue of the Bodhisattva Megjid Janraisag (Avalokiteshvara).
2) Shopping in Cashmere Factory outlet store
3) At lunch we'll taste local mutton hotpot (khorkhog). The taste is unforgettable!
4) Move to Enjoy Inn Tourist Camp. This camp is highly equipped and managed by a Hong Kong company providing quality services. Enjoy Inn is located near river Tuul in the midst of beautiful nature.
5) Dinner at Enjoy Inn resort, spend the night in a Mongolian yurt

Day 3
Discover Mongolia on a horse! Ride to the great Genghis Khan monument.
1) After breakfast we will practice riding a horse and take some photos too.
2) After lunch we will mount on horses like Mongolian cowboys and ride to the great Genghis Khan monument.
3) Traditional whole-sheep feast prepared by the chef of Enjoy Inn.

Day 4
Turk's grave and the turtle stone
1) We will take a bus to Turk's grave and learn about the history of turks
2) Travel to Sansar Desert (4h, 270km). See the dunes, take photos, try to sand surfing, ride a camel, and fully enjoy the Sansar Desert.
3) Stay in Altai tourist camp and have lunch and dinner.

Day 5
Visit the ancient capital Kharkhorin
1) Travel to Kharkhorin in central Mongolia. This is the cradle of the Genghis Khan family and the capital of the Mongolian empire capital from 9th to 14th century.
2) Erden Zuu was once one of the most important Buddhist temples, accmodoating 600 lamas. Due to political reasons it became a Buddhist museum, with beautiful Buddhist art, clothes and musical instruments.
3) Travel to Tsenkher Duut resort camp (3 hours, 110 km) and enjoy the spa.

Day 6
Visit a volcano
1) A bus to the volcano
2) Return to Tsenkher Duut camp and spa

Day 7
1) Return to Ulan Bator after breakfast
4) A live dinner concert of Mongolian long-songs accompanied by a morin khuur.

Day 8
Time to return home!

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